What’s your secret?

Frank Warren

MASON CITY, Iowa – Everyone has a secret, and it was that exact concept that had a blogger frank warren come up with an idea that you would confess your untold secret to him by decorating a postcard and sending it to him anonymously.

And that concept worked.

It’s a project that founder frank warren came up with nearly 10 years ago.

He asked people to write down their deepest secret no matter what it is and send it to him without a name attached.

Warren then posts it on his blog every Sunday for everyone to see.

“You know I read the PostSecret blog every Sunday and it’s fascinating to see all the different types of secrets that people have and then it’s even more interesting to see all the other people who say they identify with them,” said Heidi Person from Grinnell, Iowa.

“Being able to open yourself up without the fear of judgment from others,” said Karen and Brian Cook from North Liberty, Iowa.

And because of this, people are filing into the NIACC auditorium to hear from the founder himself on why he came up with this concept.

“Just got this urge to collect people’s secrets and since then I’ve received over a half a million on post cards but thinking about why I started I think now looking back on that time it was because I was keeping secrets from myself,” said Warren.

Warren couldn’t more proud of the safe haven site he’s created for these secrets and the success it’s had across the nation and world.

On his tours he hopes people understand that everyone can relate to having a secret – and sometimes it helps to share it.

“For me the most important message of post secret is that nobody is alone with their secret and sometimes just feeling like your alone with it can create this burden on your shoulder but if you understand there are many people going through the same struggle, same journey, some sense of isolation,” said Warren.

But even with the trusting concept, some are still planning on keeping their secrets inside.

“No, you think you ever will, no maybe,” said Brian Cook.

PostSecret.com posts 10 secrets on its page every Sunday.

In 2009 Forbes magazine listed Warren as the fourth most influential person on the internet.

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