County shows off Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center Open House

ROCHESTER, Minn. — When severe weather strikes, there is a crew of people whose job it is to make sure we are all safe.

Some of them work at the Olmsted County Emergency Operations Center.

Thursday, they showed off their equipment and how it works. Plus they shared what they do in emergency situations for the first time in their new location.

“It’s probably been a pretty good secret for a few years now. We really made some big changes from where we were 3 1/2 years ago to where we are now with this, we still have some things with technology that we’d like to improve here,” said Captain Kevin Torgerson, Director of the EOC.

They are also working hard when emergencies are not taking place.

“Planning and working with community partners. As part of the government, part of our processes that we have to work with is being prepared and helping the community be prepared, whether it’s private organizations, other public entities,” Torgerson said.

The room was used for the first time outside of training during the Minnesota government shutdown a few years back. At the time, they were preparing for a chance that more things would also be shut down.

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