Hobby Lobby leader in town

Hobby Lobby Meeting

ROCHESTER, Minn. — The Affordable Care Act has received plenty of attention and criticism, but certain parts of it really have some business owners fired up.

That includes those who run the Hobby Lobby chain of craft stores.

The owners are Christian and they have been trying to get a religious exemption from one of the provisions in the law related to birth control.

Michael McAfee, Hobby Lobby’s Director of Faith Initiatives, is in town as part of the Christian Business Leaders of Rochester’s Leadership Summit.

The company’s policy does provide some birth control. There are 20 federally approved methods of birth control and the health care act calls for all of those to be covered by employers.

Hobby Lobby’s leaders object to four of those methods because they say they are basically the same as abortion, which is against their company’s beliefs.

“Oftentimes when we make our business or our churches about the numbers, whether it be in attendance or in terms of dollars and cents, what we’re doing is making it about us, rather than about God,” McAfee said.

The company has taken their argument to the Supreme Court. Last month, their case was heard and the ruling is expected soon.

We spoke with McAfee before the event began and he said he was not able to speak about the case with us.

As the law stands now, if Hobby Lobby does not provide access to all forms of birth control in their employee insurance plan they could face a $1.3 million penalty.

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