Time to vote early

KIMT News 3 – If you plan on being away and still want to make your vote count, absentee voting is now underway in Iowa.

To prepare for the June 3 primaries, absentee voting is now available for those unable to make it to the polls that day.

For some counties, voting stations are available at satellite locations but if you’re not in those counties, you still have a variety of options at your disposal to get your vote counted.

“They can either come in and vote here in person there is a form we have them fill out or the same form can be used to request a ballot to be sent to them. They can also just get a piece of paper and give us their name and address,” said Lowell Tesch, Mitchell County Auditor.

You can also download the State of Iowa Official Voter Registration Form from http://www.sos.iowa.gov and return it to your local county auditor’s office or visit your local county auditors office to fill out a paper copy.

Absentee ballots received by the county auditor before 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 3 are eligible for counting.

“If there’s a big line which sometimes happens during election time, this way they can take care of it on their end. They can take their time at home just so they can decide how they want to vote,” said Tesch.

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