Security cameras, now coming to local parks

HAMPTON, IA – There’s about to be some progress made on Progress Park in Hampton.

“It’s almost a given, that oh, you’ve got cameras,” Mayor Boehmler points out that cameras are everywhere now-a-days.

But how about in parks?

It’s something the city council has been discussing since investing in their newest park and aquatic center.

“To have that kind of asset just sitting there without anyone kind of monitoring it, so prevention, a lot of people realize that we have cameras that they are under surveillance might, you know, kind of persuade people not to do anything inappropriate in our parks,” says Boehmler.

It’s not that they see much criminal activity in the park, rather it’s a safety precaution for families.

“I think every community gets their share of vandalism at times but I think first and foremost is safety and security. I have a family, I have two sons at home and would definitely like the idea that maybe there is somebody watching,” says Public Works Director, Doug Tarr.

The good news is, this is not dipping into tax payer dollars.

“That’s great, that we wrote a grant, gave us a grant, investing in our community,” says Boehmler.

The Franklin County Community Foundation granted the city $5,000 for this purpose.

“The Community Foundation has been great over the years here for our community, they’ve assisted with a lot of projects over the years and for that we’re very grateful,” says Tarr.

This is the first park in Hampton to have these cameras.

“This will give us a good introduction in the technology to expand so this is our first time in any of our park system to have a security system so we’re excited to see where this goes,” adds Boehmler.

So, will this be the start of security cameras in the great outdoors? We will just have to wait and see.

“We are just trying to keep our parks beautiful and enjoyable for everyone to enjoy,” says Tarr.

As of last night, the city council is still looking at their options as to what kind of cameras to purchase.

A decision should be made this month.

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