State Rep. uses EMS training to help car crash victim

Accidents can happen any where at any time. One of Iowa’s local state representatives is learning that first hand.

Rep. Josh Byrnes from Osage experienced that first hand yesterday on the way to the capitol.

That’s when he witnessed a serious accident on 235 but since he had some EMS training, Brynes stepped in.

According to his face book page, he was able to stabilize the patient with major leg trauma before the ambulance arrived.

Byrnes used a first responders kit he had with him. We talked to the organization that helped train him, the St Ansgar Rescue Unit. They say anyone can get this kind of training.

“Where ever you are if you have a little bit of training you can do some good before the ambulance or paramedics show up and that’s really what St. Ansgar Rescue Squad and other rescue crews do is to try to stabilize,” says President of St. Ansgar Rescue, Lance Kittleson.

Byrnes told KIMT News 3 he was simply doing what he was trained to do. He also says he hopes this raises awareness for the need for EMS volunteers especially in rural areas.

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