The waiting game


MASON CITY, Iowa – Not a bad day to be outdoors.

Things really felt like spring, but the future forecast isn’t looking as good.

And that is impacting the farming forecast too.

All they’re asking for is for three days of semi-warm-sunny-sky weather.

“We definitely needed some spring rain but it could straighten out anytime and let us get the crop in the ground,” said Kevin Pope from Mason City.

Pope has been doing his best to look at the bright side of things this spring season.

But when he learns what the future forecast holds, staying positive is a bit harder.


There’s lots of rain ahead and he’s ready to start planting.

Ideally this tractor would be out on the land tilling it, getting it ready for corn but with the rainy weather and the cold temps that won’t be happening anytime soon.

“Just getting equipment ready to go, we’ve been out a few days picking up rocks, put a little bit of fertilizer on a week ago, but other than that in this area there just has not been very much taking place at all,” said Pope.

According to our Storm Team Three Meteorologists, right now the three month outlook is a toss up.

The jury is out on “weather” spring will finish out warm or stay cool because of the developing “El Nino” in the Pacific.

For farmer’s that’s not good news.

April 20th through May 10th is the ideal time to plant.

But local Ag-experts say, not everyone is at a standstill in the area.

“What I’ve seen out there is there is a little bit of oats being planted. There is a little bit of field work going on, south of here they’re much, much farther,” said John Sjolinder from Cerro Gordo County ISU Extension Office.

So even Sjolinder is hoping for the best.

“I’m always hopeful it’s not going to be a lot like last year. Last year was pretty tough for a lot of folks, but these next couple of weeks will really tell the tale,” said Sjolinder.

Pope says one thing he wants the public to realize is that once that good weather comes to watch out.

More farmers will be on the roads, so keep an eye out for them and their farming equipment.

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