Continuing the Earth Day clean up

Cleaning up Clear Lake

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – One area community is continuing their Earth Day activities.

Folks in Clear Lake spent the afternoon on Saturday picking up trash throughout the city as a part of “Trash Bash.”

Trash Bash is a community wide effort to clean things up after a long winter and get the parks and beaches ready for the warmer weather.

Deb Tesar is one of the committee members on the Clear Lake Earth Day committee and she says that she’s always impressed with the amount of people who come out and help.

Seeing this kind of community support also makes her hopeful that more people will be more careful about picking up trash and keeping the area clean.

“It’s great when we see some of the school kids participate and athletic teams participate and things like that,” says Tesar, “I know a lot of churches typically will pick an area to clean up and some of them will commit to their areas all year-round.”

With Clear Lake being a town that hosts many summer residents, Tesar says it’s their way of tidying things up and making sure the town looks welcoming and clean for when cabin owners come to town.

Those who attended Trash Bash also had the opportunity to learn more about recycling and how to get rid of their spring lawn waste.

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