New 911 tip ruling

9-1-1 TIP

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – A new ruling has law enforcement able to pull you over, due to your fellow drivers calling you in.

The Supreme Court just recently ruled that law enforcement can stop and search your vehicle if you’re called in by a 9-1-1 tip.

Before, law enforcement could use that tip and follow you to see if they have reasonable cause to stop you.

But now, if you’re called in by your fellow drivers for being reckless you better watch out.

“For people’s rights they may think they’re not doing anything wrong but as an officer if you do get a call like that, if you can get your own probable cause it will help if you do have a case against that person,” said Chief Deputy Jeff Crooks with Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.

Crooks says the most common tips they get in from fellow drivers is those who are reckless driving or drinking and driving.

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