NIACC tuition contest begins


MASON CITY, Iowa – A year of tuition and free books is on the line for local college students.

The contest sponsored by North Iowa Area Community College will award two lucky students an entire year of free tuition. Other finalists can also win a $1,000 scholarship to NIACC.

The contest has been going on since 2006 and according to school staff, this is an experience unlike any other that could help change the life of one student.

“It’s a way for them to kind of restart their lives or restart a career that they wanted to do or totally change directions too. So it’s very important thing for those adult students to have that opportunity to come back to school, may be tuition free, maybe book free, maybe everything free, if you’re one of the top two winners,” said Chris Frenz, Admissions Associate with NIACC.

Each applicant submitted a 250-word essay explaining why their life needs or deserves an educational makeover.

To read the finalist’s essays and vote for your favorite two entries, visit

“Even if they don’t win, they appreciate the opportunity for a chance to win because it makes them rethink their educational goals, their career goals and their life goals really when it comes right down to it. The ones who do win, it’s really changed their lives,” said Frenz.

Public voting is open from noon, April 27 to noon, May 9.

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