The debate over the Charles City Middle School continues

CHARLES CITY, IA – The debate over the future of Charles City schools is taking a twist, thanks to a new phone survey.

Months ago, the school board approved a plan to build a new facility for the middle and high school.

But some folks are not giving up. They are *still rallying support to keep the middle school building a school.

Supporters hired a firm to do a telephone survey last week, showing %58 support for renovating the current middle school.

However, those results are being questioned over how many times people were called and the fairness of the questions.

The superintendent says folks are forgetting about what is most important.

“Much of the talk is drifted away to buildings and it hasn’t focused on, this is students and education and that’s where all of this started from is how do we provide better opportunities for students and so I want to get back to that discussion,” says Superintendent Dan Cox.

People living in Charles City can expect another round of phone calls on this issue as school officials conduct a poll of their own.

Survey Questions and Results

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