Learning how to run for office

Candidate Education

AUSTIN, Minn. – Many of the people we will be voting for this fall have experience, but some that are willing to take those incumbents on are giving it their first go round.

That is why the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce hosted what they call “Candidate 101.” It is a forum where those considering running for some sort of elected position can hear from those who have already done it.

Questions that include how to balance personal and professional lives with the new life they could have if elected are getting answered.

“People might consider running for office but maybe don’t know where to start. They might have a question regarding what’s the time commitment, so really one of the important aspects of the panel is they’re people that have been there and done it,” said Sandy Forstner, Executive Director of the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce.

Those answers are coming from people who were sitting in the crowd a few years ago.

“A couple of them have come to this event and gained some knowledge, but I think if you’re interested in public service, you’re willing to help others serve and they’re people that are committed to our community,” Forstner said.

The filing period for local elected offices is from May 20 to June 3.

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