Preventing ticks


KIMT NEWS 3 – They’re creepy crawlers that can spread very serious diseases.

So it’s no surprise health officials are warning residents to be careful of ticks.

Sometimes they’re too small to be seen.

But they can spread Lyme disease, so you don’t want them around.

The Cerro Gordo County Health Department says cases of the disease rise every year.

So if you do get bitten, it’s critical you report it.

“We’ve had a few cases every year that we follow up on it is a reportable disease mostly so that we can find out do we have an issue in our county, is it in a certain part of Iowa or did they go somewhere else in the Midwest area,” said Karen Crimmings a Disease Prevention Manager at Cerro Gordo County Public Health.

Crimmings says the peak months for ticks are in May and June.

Also, if you find a tick on your skin don’t push or squish it.

Instead, slowly pull the whole tick out.

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