Anti-Bullying bill update


DES MOINES, IA – Iowa Legislators are working over a week beyond the 100 day session to finalize the few remaining bills.

And with such a short timeline, we’re told some of those bills are cutting it close. One of them is the anti-bullying legislation. It has been a focus since day one of the session.

The Senate has passed their amended version of the bill and it is now in the House of Representatives. The house previously struck down the section stating administrators are able to look into bullying instances off school grounds.

While some in the Senate strongly disagree with this prevision, others we spoke to today say it’s nearly impossible to investigate every electronic instance.

“I think it’s really important for us to have a policy at school and to follow that policy and always make sure that we deal with every single issue that comes to our attention of bullying in school but I think we need some help with managing what’s going on outside of school because we just cant police all of those electronic means of communication,” says St.Ansgar High School Counselor Lori Riley.

After a house approval, a committee will still have to meet and work out the differences.

A house provision on the bill struck down the funding, so it would really be more of a mandate for schools to follow. Also, a section under the measure regards higher education facilities who would be tasked with determining a standard that would offer veterans academic credit for military experience.

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