Area ditches and parks are a litter bit cleaner

Trash Mountain

ROCHESTER, Minn. – It may not feel like spring cleaning time, but as the snow melted it revealed a lot of roadside trash.

As part of the “A Litter Bit Better” campaign in Rochester, volunteers helped collect tons of trash from area parks and roadways.

Wednesday, they shared the results of that effort. Nearly seven tons of trash were picked up and nearly two tons of recycling were collected.

“It really gets the season started off right, we’ve picked up all that litter and debris that’s been covered by the snow for month, I think six months we’ve had snow on the ground, and finally the grass is starting to turn green and we’re starting to be able to enjoy our environment,” said Megan Moeller, Stormwater Educator for Rochester Public Works.

She said there is some good news and some bad news.

“The recycling was up from last year, which is great that we were able to capture some of those goods and recycle them, repurpose them, and unfortunately trash was up from previous years and it’s hard to say what caused that. I’m sure one part is going to have been the long winter,” Moeller said.

Two tons of tires were also collected last week.

Moeller said it great to see the number of volunteers who come back year after year to clean up.

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