Homes looking for new life

houses for sale

MASON CITY, IA – We’re no strangers to flooding in north Iowa or southern Minnesota. Over the years, there have been several springs with rising waters.

In 2008, flooding led to lots of problems including homes that were damaged by the water.

Now, six years later some houses are getting a fresh start, but first, an offer must be made.

“We have two historic homes left on Meadowbrook Drive and we’d like to find someone who would be willing to buy them at auction and move them and give them new life,” that’s according to Planning and Zoning Manager, Tricia Sandahl.

A total of five homes will be auctioned off on May 12th at 5:30 PM in City Hall.

Sandahl says they are not setting a beginning price, so depending on the competition; someone could walk away with a house for a dollar.

“I always say, you got a dollar, you got a house,” says Sandahl.

But there is a small catch, the structure must be moved from the property by September 9th.

If no one raises their paddle, there is only a bleak future ahead for these historic buildings.

“If the house isn’t purchased at auction we’ll go ahead and execute a contract for demolition. The house will be demolished,” adds Sandahl.

The homes are very architecturally interesting and worth a look. Anyone who missed this open house can call City Hall to set up a time to view them before the auction.

There will also be a walking tour of five more properties to be auctioned on Saturday May 3rd at 11:00 AM. Those wishing to view the homes should meet in front of 645 7th St. NE.

Anyone interested in purchasing one of these homes should visit the City’s website,, for more information on the houses including exterior building photos and the Iowa Site Inventory Forms noting the historic value of the individual properties.

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