Local school receives award for hiring military personnel


KIMT News 3 – St.Ansgar is being recognized for hiring Anna Scott with the National Guard and being flexible when it comes to her training.

“This school district has been fantastic this year, I’m really blessed and lucky to have found such a great school my first year teaching,” says Scott.

When interviewing for her instrumental director job last August, Scott was out of the area on duty so faculty decided to conduct her interview via Skype.

It’s this kind of flexibility that inspired her to nominate her school for this award.

“Being in the National Guard, we have to do one drill weekend a month and then two weeks a year, normally we’re two weeks in the summer but this year we split it up to do some high school recruitment tours so I was gone for one full week this February and I mean the administration had absolutely no problem with that at all. It was really easy to work with them,” adds Scott.

Over the years, Superintendent Jody Gray has definitely seen the value in hiring military personnel and says she doesn’t mind working around their demanding schedules.

“If they have something where they’re going to be gone and that, to me, if they’re willing to volunteer and serve our country, the least we can do is work around you know their guard obligations as easy as we can,” says Gray.

And now that the veteran’s bill is on Governor Branstad’s desk, hopefully more and more companies will recognize that value as well.

“Most of our supervisors and managers are veterans, they tend to have more leadership skills, they’re more amendable following procedures obviously and there is a little patriotism there,” says Gerald Edgar with Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

“To have you know, the government talking about that for this state is a fantastic thing,” adds Scott.

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