Appeals court upholds discrimination decision

MASON CITY, Iowa – A local case has bounced around from one court to the other over the past two years but the latest decision is now being upheld.

In 2012, Mason City native, Lori Johnson filed a formal complaint with the Mason City Human Rights Committee against her former employer FedEx.

Johnson worked as a swing route driver at the Mason City FedEx but after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, her doctor requested that she work set routes to help manage her MS symptoms.

According to those with the Human Rights Commission, it’s not uncommon for these decisions to be overturned.

“The appeals court is the one that overturned one of our latest cases that we did spend a lot of time on here in Mason City and so you never know exactly how it’s going to turn out. At every level, you have a different type of viewpoint and a different training probably,” said Steve Palmer, Human Rights Commission Board Member.

According to the complaints filed, Johnson says she was passed over on jobs for her male co-workers which eventually led to her termination.

The decision to reinstate Johnson offered her back pay, punitive damages and legal fees all totaling more than $200,000.

This latest decision ensures that FedEx will not be held responsible for paying Johnson.

We reached out to Lori Johnson and her attorney and did not get a response as to what their plans are moving forward.

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