Conservation groups “REAP” the benefits


ROCKFORD, Iowa – One Iowa program is celebrating 25 years in a big way as they “REAP” the benefits of a major investment.

Iowa legislators are agreeing to a record $25 million in REAP funding for natural resources enhancement. The $25 million reflects the 25 years since first beginning to fund.

REAP which stands for resource, enhancement and protection provides money for projects aimed at environmental awareness similar to the Fossil and Prairie Park Preserve in Rockford which was funded by REAP grants.

Area conservationists say they couldn’t be happier with the efforts of legislators.

“I would say thank you for those that are advocating for REAP knowing and realizing how many people those projects effect and support and draw tourism to the state of Iowa. So a big thank you to them,” said Laura Elfers, Deputy Director with Floyd County Conservation.

Even though 90 percent of land in Iowa is farmed, Iowa ranks almost last in public conservation and recreation land only ahead of Rhode Island.

“REAP covers a variety of different projects, it goes from historical and cultural to the natural resources. For example I know that the Charles City Museum has received a few regrets so has the art center in Charles City,” said Elfers.

For more information on how your county is utilizing REAP funding, visit the website below:

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