Moving forward with the middle school

Charles City Middle School

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – It’s a story we’ve been following for you over the past several months.

Now there are some developing details about the future of a North Iowa middle school.

The 500 North Grand Revitalization Team met Thursday evening to discuss their ideas on how to find an occupant for the middle school building.

Half way through the meeting they turned it over to Jennifer Drinkwater from Iowa State University.

Drinkwater announced that ISU would love to occupy a building like this for their ISU Design West Program.

“And I think that anytime you bridge a university with a community it’s a win-win for both the university and the community that it benefits,” said Drinkwater.

Drinkwater says the building could be a satellite building for the program.

A proposal will go before the school board in August.

While there was some good news and then some potential bad news from the Charles City area as well.

Recently, we told you about a phone poll that went out to residents in the town.

The caller asked for their opinions on the future plans for the middle school.

It was paid for by the group “Citizens to Keep the Middle School a School”.

Since then, some of the folks who got the calls have contacted us.

They tell us they’re planning to file a complaint with the FCC.

One resident, Chuck Staudt, says while he’s not filing a complaint, he feels the phone survey was unnecessary.

“It was unfortunate i felt they were guided questions with misleading information. I expect that from national groups and national committees that have persuaded views, but I didn’t expect that to happen at the local level,” said Staudt.

We contacted a member of the “Citizens to Keep the Middle School a School.”

He tells us, this is not the first time triton polling and research has had a problem like this.

But the FCC has never ruled against them.

He says the group’s lawyer also agrees that the poll was done properly.

Schultz says if a lawsuit is filed they will respond to it.

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