Class of 2014



MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s graduation night at one local community college and students are looking ahead.

“When I came here I didn’t think I’d make any friends and I have so its going to be, that part of it is going to be hard, but the rest of it is just going to be awesome,” said Jim Keane from New Hampton.

“So many things are going through my head, gratitude and achievement and its just feels really good,” said Jessica Follmuth from Rockwell.

These North Iowa Area Community College students are the class of 2014 and they’re celebrating how far they’ve come.

But there are still bigger challenges and questions ahead.

Like, where do I go from here?

“Hopefully get a big girl job and make some real big girl money,” said Follmuth.

According to NIACC President Steve Schulz, a student’s chances of doing that are pretty good.

“We’re very proud of our career technical placements. Around 98 percent of our graduates will find jobs and that’s our job to try to align them with the jobs that are in the market,” said Schulz.

Schulz says now their goal should be to keep up their hard work and show the world what they have to offer.

“They’ve obviously proven that they have the skills to succeed academically. Now it’s the world of work and the rules that apply out there. If they continue to work hard and put their best foot forward everyday life will be good,” said Schulz.

NIACC’s graduating class of 2014 includes students from four countries, 14 states, more than 90 communities in Iowa.

Altogether more than 600 students are graduating this year.

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