Fighting hunger in our area

Bishop Steven Delzer

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Millions of people in our country face hunger. In fact, one in six people face hunger in the U.S. according to Feeding America. That problem stretches into our area as well.

That is why the Southeastern Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is trying to help.

“After discussion our group focused in on eliminating food insecurity, and some of that comes out of my experience too in my own life in the past having been hungry at one time,” said Bishop Steven Delzer.

Food insecurity means they do not have access to adequate and nutritious food consistently.

Through what they’re calling “Enough Food for All” they are setting a goal of eliminating food insecurity in southeastern Minnesota by 2020.

“The real kick-off is with the assembly here, but we’ve already been gathering stories from congregations for what is already going on. We figure that over 90 percent of the congregations are actually already doing something related to feeding hungry people,” Delzer said.

Over the next six years the congregation, made up 122,000 people, says they will find ways to accomplish this goal.

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