Dancing with the Freeborn-Mower Stars


ALBERT LEA, Minn. – It’s a local fundraiser, inspired by a hit TV show that raises thousands of dollars for local families.

The “Dancing with the Freeborn-Mower Stars” is taking place in less than an hour in Albert Lea.

It’s one last chance to get the kinks worked out. The seven couples dancing in the 8th annual event are faces you’ve probably seen around town but have probably never seen like this.

“The first year we did this some people thought we were crazy.”

Kathy Porter is the chair of the organizing committee that puts on the annual event benefiting the local Red Cross chapter.

She says the event is not just pure entertainment; it’s really about raising money to help out local families after disasters.

“The 911 center calls us after they have dispatched the police or fire department or whatever is appropriate so we are on the scene right after them and we support them as well as the families that are affected.”

Besides spending 10 weeks learning a new dance, these couples have been fundraising.

Awards for the night will go to couples who raise the most donations for the Red Cross.

There will also be an audience favorite, but the big trophy is a combination of judges scores and how much money they raised.

“We are doing the east cost swing and the jive it’s very fast, there’s a lot of turning it’s a swing dance.”

KIMT News 3’s own Raquel Hellman is hoping to put her best foot forward at the event.

“It’s fun either way win or lose it’s fun, confidence I’m trying to get it up there right now I’m sure once we go out there it will be fine,” says Hellman.

Last year the event brought in a record $35,000.

The couples say this year they’re pretty sure they’ve raised even more than that after tonight’s event.

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