Protecting your child on the road

Checking up on car seats

FOREST CITY, Iowa – Car seats are a staple accessory for most parents on the road with young children, but one area organization is working to make sure that these car seats are safe.

Just like many other products out there, all car seats have an expiration date and even though hand-me-down items might seem like an inviting option, it’s not always the safest approach when it comes to making sure your child is protected.

“Most people think that their child restraints are installed correctly,” says Child Passenger Safety technician, Alan Haubrich, “and about 75 to 80 percent of them are not, so we are here to make sure that they are installed correctly.”

Haubrich was just one of the technicians out at a safety check event in Forest City on Saturday.

Litchsinn Motors hosted the free event to help provide inspections to any families who might be questioning the installation of their seats or the legitimacy of their booster or car seat.

Understanding how to properly install these child restraints is the first step in making your child safer in the car and according to the centers for disease control, car seats are important as they found that they reduce the risk for death to infants by 71 percent.

Haubrich says that with garage sale season in full swing, used or recycled car seats might seem like an easy way to save some money, but after perusing many of the sales in his city, he found that many of the seats being sold are out of date and shouldn’t be used by anyone.

Anyone interested in a car seat inspection can call Schukei Chevrolet in Mason City, or the Mason City Police or Fire Department.

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