Child pedestrian dies in single vehicle accident

OSAGE, Iowa – A community is mourning the loss of a five year boy who was hit by a car on Saturday.

It happened around noon on Chase and 5th street during Osage’s city-wide garage sale.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, 73-year-old Isabelle Spitz, of Osage, ran into and killed five-year-old Kuper Malmin.

State Trooper Nathan Snieder was on scene and says, “as Spitz pulled out and was leaving the garage sale, Kuper, the five-year-old boy, entered the roadway, where exactly from is still under investigation but, he was struck and killed.”

The Osage Police and Ambulance services along with the Mitchell County sheriff’s office responded to the scene, and Snieder says that shortly after their arrival, Mercy Air Med arrived to take the boy to Mercy Medical Center North Iowa.

The helicopter was later disregarded as Malmin was pronounced dead at the hospital in Osage.

The accident remains under investigation.

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