North Iowa doctors planning project in Guatemala

North Iowa doctors involved in DOCS for Hope

MASON CITY, Iowa – One north Iowa organization out of New Hampton is looking for financial support for an international project.

Doctors of Committed Service for Hope worldwide, or DOCS for Hope, is working on building a hospital in a rural community in Guatemala.

Organizers of the project say they have had boots on the ground for the project for a little over a year, but are now officially purchasing the land this Friday.

Paul McQuillan, the president of DOCS for Hope, says that the need is remarkable and that the community they will be serving has a population of more than 1 million people.

While their services will be available to anyone and everyone, their main focus will be for women and children.

“This hospital is going to initially be kind of a women and children’s hospital,” McQuillan says, “for instance, right now a woman can’t get a C-section or they would have to drive about 2 to 3 hours to get a C-section done.”

On top of being a population, those who live in Canilla, Guatemala are very poor as well so McQuillan says they’re happy to be able to provide quality healthcare in an affordable manner.

On Monday, the group presented their project to the Mason City Rotary club in hopes of receiving funding for installing a fence around the property as well as building a water tower.

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