Local school votes to establish an on-site clinic


ALBERT LEA, Mn – Employees in the Albert Lea School district are about to see health care costs drop all the way down to zero.

“So those employees that are covered under health plan can utilize the on-site clinic and it will actually be at no cost to them,” says employee Lori Volz.

Earlier this week, the board gave the go-ahead to begin an on-site clinic at Brookside School.
It’s expected to actually save them money in the long run.

“It’s not held as an individual claim against the district and so depending on how many employees use it, we are actually going to see a cost savings at the same time providing free health care for our employees so it’s really a benefit for everybody involved,” says Superintendent Mike Funk.

And it won’t cost them much to establish the facility either.

“We’re just going to do a little remodeling in a couple of the storage areas that used to be locker room actually so it’s unused space right now and so were just going to renovate that and it’ll be great and perfect for an on-site clinic,” comments Volz.

Not only will it be free, but it will also save employees time.

“You know it’s just a wonderful convenient way for our employees to quick get a medical service and then they’ll be able to quickly get back to work and not having to wait,” Volz adds.

Superintendent Funk says keeping employees healthy is key to their student’s success.

“The more healthy our employees are, the more there in front of our kids, the better off we’re going to be for everybody,” he says.

It’s a new concept but Volz has done her research and says it won’t be long before others follow suit.

“I think with each year there’ll be more interest as time goes on with other districts,” she says.

Administrators tell us if everything goes according to plan this will be in place by August 1st of this year.

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