Looking toward the future

Dr. Anita Micich

MASON CITY, Iowa – Monday’s Mason City School Board meeting is still being talked about around the community.

For one reason, like Tim Wendel stated last night, this problem of budget cuts isn’t anything new.

“Last year it seemed like we had a crisis with a room full of people in here worried about that and here we are again a year later, another crisis,” said Wendel.

Which leads to the next issue which Wendel and many others also want to know.

What does the future look like for their school district?

“Not necessarily a budget problem but a declining enrollment problem. I think the real question we need to ask ourselves is looking forward is what is the district going to look like in five more years,” said Wendel.

“Mr. Wendel said it very well, in that we need to be thinking about our future,” said Thomas.

And according to Superintendent Dr. Anita Micich, those who want answers about what the future of the district looks like, should look to state leaders for answers.

“I think if people really want to get involved and really want us to have a solid five year plan we have to know what the legislature and governor are going to do for public education in the state,” said Micich.

She says the big problem is funding from the state and the lack of lawmakers to come to an agreement.

But she’s also proud of the community’s help in passing the school tax levy that will go into effect in the middle of 2015.

What Mason City is facing that’s different than many other schools is the declining enrollment.

They get less money from the state when fewer students sign up, and more of those who do come to school need more help paying for things like school lunch.

For her part, Micich says she just hopes people can be patient.

“A lot of great things happening in North Iowa and its going to take time. it took us a long time to get here so its going to take time and people need to be patient and they need to keep moving forward,” said Micich.

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