Golden Apple: Nathan Muhs

Third grade teacher Nathan Muhs is tackling some pretty tricky subjects in this class. From business and economics, to lessons on how to find good in everyone.

“You take a shoe, everyone has their shoe, the shoe goes in the middle of of the circle and you talk about how you’re the only one in that shoe. No one else has been in that shoe before and think about that shoes and where it’s been. So it’s just a mini lesson on being compassionate towards other people.”

But the serious stuff doesn’t come without it’s fare share of fun.

Muhs said, “Just be on their level for the day, be a kid! Spelling tests are my favorite part of the day, I don’t do it every day, but once in a while if I get a certain percentage in my class, then I do a handstand for the class if they get everything right on their test. Something for them to look forward to.”

One of the things Mr. Muhs’ students like best about him, is his never-give-up, go-get-em attitude.

3rd Grader Noah Bowers said, “When we’re struggling, he’s gonna push you so you can get better at it with whatever you’re doing.”

That outlook stems from his passion to connect with each student.

Muhs said, “Just being able to hit every child on every little bit of the spectrum, because they bring a little piece to you and you need to give back to them a bit too. So having high energy is number one.”

And he says, as long as the fun keeps rolling, the learning will follow.

“We have a lot of fun every day and if you can’t have fun at your job, where else could you do that at? If not, it might be time to take a step back and look at that.”

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