Helping prevent emergencies


MASON CITY, Iowa – Seniors in our area are getting a chance to hear helpful tips to keep themselves and their families safe.

At this years Senior Fest in Mason City, emergency responders were on hand to answer questions on emergency prevention.

“Things like this prevention class are very helpful to make sure that people do what they can themselves, to keep themselves and be more aware of what are the dangers in the home or when in public,” said Aaron Beemer, Mason City Fire Department Inspector.

Questions ranged from how often should I change my CO monitor to whether or not you can expect a bill if you call in a fire.

Elberta Crow was one of those listening in and says it’s a good reminder for older residents.

“Don’t do things like leave a candle lit or leave food on the stove. When you get older, a lot of people do this not thinking anything will happen to their homes,” said Crow.

“This is also something that we are increasingly aware of as the population in our town and in our country ages. We have a higher portion of the population who is elderly and it does become a concern for us as far as how we respond to situations,” said Beemer.

For many of those here, the meeting was about maintaining their independence.

It’s why Elberta hopes the messages on safety can help others be more aware of their surroundings and hopefully prevent any emergencies.

“There’s not too many places around that people can get together and get this information and it’s open to the public. You don’t have to be a member here so they have a good place to come for everybody of all ages,” said Crow.

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