Police and property

Search and seizure

ALBERT LEA, MN – Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has been a busy man, signing lots of bills into law.

And one of those new laws means changes to how police deal with property that’s taken in certain cases.

It says the departments must give those items back, when there is no criminal conviction.

It could be anything from cash to cars.

In the past, officers or sheriffs could keep those items in drug cases and drive by shootings.

Chief Deputy Glen Strom from Freeborn County says he feels the change isn’t necessary.

“What this does is possibly take away some of the resources to purchase equipment to train officers, train the public on drug and chemical use in enforcement,” said Strom.

The bill got plenty of support from lawmakers in Minnesota.

It passed unanimously in the house and only 5 in the senate voted no.

The new law will start on August 1st.

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