Study links memory loss to early death

Mayo Clinic

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Medical researchers are working on a study that links memory issues with early death.

Those at Mayo Clinic found that people that have a form of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) have an increased rate of death to those without it.

In their study those with MCI had an 80 percent higher death rate.

We can work on preventing ourselves from getting MCI by making some better lifestyle choices like regular exercise.

“We have data that it supports good cognitive health. A good balanced diet, everybody knows about the good fats and bad fats and fruits and vegetables and the omega-3s,” said Mayo Clinic Research Fellow Dr. Maria Vassilaki.

She said depression is just one of the risk factors for developing MCI.

“When we treat depression we know that our memory’s improved and also we can cope with any changes that are brought into our life from a new condition like MCI, sleep apnea is another condition that we should take care of, high blood pressure, we should have it under control or prevented,” Vassilaki said.

The study began in October of 2004 and is still taking place. They are looking into the causes of death in these patients and also if they had any other diseases.

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