Dogs and anxiety


MASON CITY, Iowa – Ever wonder if your dog may be having an anxiety attack?

Local vets say, it is possible and there are options to deal with it.

There are all kinds of triggers.

Being left at home alone or a severe storm can stress your dog.

But you can help.

According to studies, dogs can take medication such as Prozac in order to calm down.

One local veterinarian at the Humane Society of North Iowa, Karrie Brown, says the dosage will vary with each pet and their issue.

“If you have separation anxiety your probably going to go ahead and give it daily but if you have like right now, the storms rolling in there is a lot of dogs that react to storms and you just can’t make them happy so that’s when it’s a needed basis,” said Brown.

She says the medication can also help with behavioral issues.

But that you must always consult your veterinarian first.

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