Fresh area produce now online

HAMPTON, Iowa – A new website is giving area farmers an outlet to share their fresh produce with all of north Iowa.

The website offers online sales where people can log on and buy produce.

The food is then shipped to locations in Clear Lake, Hampton, Algona and Osage.

One local farmer whose produce is featured says it was only a matter of time before local produce caught up with technology.

Karen Koenig is an area farmer from Hampton whose been gardening for more than 20 years. Now rather then only hauling produce to her local farmers market, this full-time teacher and farmer is having the customers come to her through the new site.

“In our classrooms we have 95 to 96 percent of our students that are hooked up to the Internet and so technology is there, why not use it to help them to find their good food, fresh food, local food,” said Koenig.

The website features 16 different producers from all across north Iowa who all serve a variety of produce, meats and bread products.

“This just gives consumers one more place to connect with those same farmers and producers,” said Matt Brandenburg, food broker with North Iowa Food.

At Koenig Farms, Karen has everything from chickens to eggs, greens and more.

For this science teacher, it’s all about setting an example to her students that eating healthy should be a priority.

“We need to eat closer to the earth, closer to where we’re at. So that way this gives us the opportunity to provide food for people who live near us,” said Koenig.

The site provides full product details as well as information on each of the local providers in the area.

Orders will be delivered on May 22, just in time for Memorial Day celebrations.

Follow the link below to head to the website:

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