May’s Giving Your Best Volunteer of the Month


KIMT News 3 – Each month KIMT News 3 along with our giving your best partners, First Citizens National Bank and Diamond Jo Casino, celebrate someone who selflessly makes our community a better place by volunteering.

This month we are recognizing a man who has been giving his best for over 30 years.

What started as just another Boy Scout meeting turned into a one big surprise for Wayne Mannes.

“I was just here for another meeting and everyone showed up,” says Mannes.

His family and friends came from all over who have watched him selflessly volunteer his time for 30 years.

Lavonne Hartman is among these people and the one who nominated him for the award.

She’s always known about his volunteering but one day when he was putting a window in for her she learned to what extent.

“I asked how long did you work at the boy scouts and he told me, and then I said well how long have you been cooking at the six grade camp and he told me again and just various different activities, asked him how long he’s been on the ambulance squad so it was real fun because like I say I’ve known him so long that I knew he was very deserving,” says Hartman.

“I been involved in boy scouts for 28 years, I’ve been on the ambulance service for 25 years, our school has a sixth-grade camp I’ve cooked all the meals there for the last 11 years,” adds Mannes

We caught up with him at this year’s camp, and it’s clear that Mannes enjoys it just as much as the kids who are learning a thing or two about cooking.

“I just enjoy helping kids, teaching them something and hopefully they come away learning something,” says Mannes.

His answer is simple as to why he does all of this.

“It’s just part of me, that’s what I do,” he says.

And those who know Mannes, recognize his modesty.

“He doesn’t say much about it, he just does it,” says Hartman.

Congratulations to Wayne Mannes of Lake Mills.

If you have someone you want to nominate click here:


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