To share or not to share

CLEAR LAKE, Ia – Community members in Clear Lake are voicing their opinions on sharing employees between districts.

Specifically, Superintendent Dr. Anita Micich.

She is the leader of both Clear Lake and Mason City school districts and divides her pay and time between both  communities.

It’s been that way since 2010.

With that agreement, Clear Lake has seen $845,320 added to the budget.

But there are people who say they don’t want to share. Instead they would like to see one superintendent in their district.

One board member says they have some thinking to do.

“We’ll talk about it and see where we want to go and if we want to make a change or if we want to stay with the status quo for a while. Money is really tight, it’s tight for all districts so will have to make some hard decisions if we do want to make a change so will have to put a plan in place,” says Clear Lake School Board Member Mark Tesar.

Tesar adds while the community’s input is a factor, the board will make a decision based on all aspects, because one point is clear, the kids come first.

There is no definite timeline for a decision. Board members say they want to create a long term plan, so they will take the time needed, to do that.

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