You have hail damage, now what?


KIMT News 3 – When that hail falls from the sky, it can land pretty hard depending on the size. Which can mean damage to your property.

A lot of times, your cars, roof, and windows can all be in danger. So you want to make sure everything is in order when it comes to your insurance coverage.

Clint Thomas with State Farm says first you need to know how high of a deductible you have and how much you have paid on it. This is how much you can expect to pay out of pocket.

To make sure your insurance provider will cover the damage, report any damage immediately.

Every agency is different, some have strict time requirements while others are more lenient.

After you have reported the damage, an estimator will come out and you can choose to have the work done by who ever you trust. But don’t go with the first person that comes to your door.

Thomas tells us the last major storm brought some dishonest door to door salesmen offering to fix damage for cheap.

“We did have some bad experiences last time we had the big hail storm in ’02 where maybe a company came in from out of town and they didn’t check references and they weren’t happy with the work that was done,” he says.

He adds that folks should check with family and friends to find a trusted company to fix the damage.

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