Airport fire department celebrates 40 years

Airport Fire Department

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Many cities have had a fire department for hundreds of years, but an area specialty department is celebrating a relatively young birthday.

For 40 years now, the Rochester International Airport has had a fire department.

That is thanks to a FAA mandate requiring that airports staff one since they deal with jet fuel. That is also why their trucks are not your typical red and yellow ones.

“Our fire trucks are designed, they’re foam capable, we use foam because we’re dealing with petroleum, the aviation fuel, so these trucks carry large quantities of water,” said Captain Troy Reed of the Rochester International Airport Fire Department.

Thankfully, they do not need to use those features very often.

“Like most fire departments, most of our calls are medical. Most people coming to Rochester are coming to Mayo Clinic, so they already have an existing medical condition. There’s time, long flight or whatever the case may be called over just to check on patients,” Reed said.

One of their trucks is capable of carrying 3,000 gallons of water and 400 gallons of foam.

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