HPV vaccination rates low


It’s being called one of the top five health threats in the country this year.

The Centers for Disease Control says HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection.

There are many different types of HPV and some can even cause cancer.

There is a vaccine that can prevent those side effects.

But right now in north Iowa the rates of vaccination are fairly low. So Cerro Gordo Public Health and Mercy Medical Center North Iowa Clinics, are teaming up, to try and change that.

“Right now what we’ve done is we have worked with some of the clinics and identifying who their patients are in IRIS which is our vaccination immunization registry, we can then run reports and find out who those patients are that need the vaccine or haven’t completed the series,” says Karen Crimmings, with Cerro Gordo County Public Health.

The vaccine is recommended for boys and girls ages 11 and 12.

However it can be given administered, until the age of 26.

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