Mayo celebrates 150 years

Carlsen family MAYO

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – The guest list reads like a red carpet event.

But the big names and celebrity faces in Rochester Friday aren’t there for a movie premiere.

Instead, they’re celebrating the Mayo Clinic’s 150th birthday.

And the hospital has served a long list of people from around the world during that time.

There were lots celebrities in Rochester Friday night from an NFL player to the Minnesota governor.

But there were also your everyday families, who can’t say enough about the treatment they have received.

The one thing everyone at the event had in common was how much Mayo Clinic means to them.

The patients and their families who have been taken care of at Mayo also stressed how much the staff at the hospital really cared for them.

They also said the technology was first class and the reason for many of the success stories.

One family sharing their story is from North Dakota.

Their twin daughters were conjoined at birth in 2006.

Mayo did the unprecedented surgery and now, 8 years later the family is still thrilled with the clinic.

“One thing I would like to say is all the times back here, all the surgeries, all the great people that have taken care of me and my family.  I only wish they could watch the perfect healthy girls they care so much about grown ups thank you so much for inviting us,” said the Carlsen family.

“It’s about the people. You can have as much great research and as many great donors and funds and all these things that go into it, but the people is what makes it really special,” said Chad Greenway of the Minnesota Vikings.

Mayo says this is their biggest celebration they’ve ever had.

There were more than 150 families on hand and about 5,000 who attended the party.

About 70 percent of the guests there were actually staff members.

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