Cleaning up a north Iowa park


Despite some rainy weather, volunteers in Franklin County are spending the day cleaning up a local state park.

Up until just a few years ago, there was no public clean up for Beed’s Lake State Park in Hampton.

But, six years ago that changed when a park ranger decided the park needed a little extra attention in order to make sure it was ready for the upcoming summer season.

About 20 community members took time out of their morning to make sure the park stays in tip top condition.

“Right now, we’re just trying to kind of clean things up so we can mow the rest of the area. We had a tough winter, as you might know, a lot of trees down, a lot of limbs, so just trying to do a little catch up. It should be a great summer,” says Park Ranger Terry Manning.

An organization called Friends of Beed’s Lake helped with the clean up.

The group works to restore the state park and lake to help enhance the economic value.

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