Mother’s Day spending down from last year


The last minute shoppers are out, and local businesses are basking in the benefits.

“Next to Valentine Day, Mother’s Day is our busiest time of the year,” says Christopher Anthony, a manager at Otto’s Oasis.

“Probably one of our busiest days of the year. Probably one of our top 10 busiest days of the year,” explains Jeff Stadheim, Owner of Stadheim Jewelers.

The National Retail Federation’s annual Mother’s Day Spending survey shows that total spending for the holiday is expected to reach nearly $20 million.

That is a bit down from last year, but last year consumers splurged on tablets and smart phones for mom, while this year, people are going back to the classics.

“Fresh cut flowers are huge, this time of the year. I mean we’ve got hundreds of orders going out. Some people like to still send outdoor containers. Again, weather changes things like that. Sometimes they want to send something they can enjoy all summer, so hanging baskets, mixed planters, stuff like that really sells well for mom,” says Anthony.

In fact 2/3 of consumers celebrating Mother’s Day will buy her favorite flowers, spending more than $2 billion total.

And then there’s the folks looking for more of a permanent gift for mom.

“Jewelry, generally is a little bit higher purchase, but the lasting portion of the jewelry item, the significance of the jewelry item, probably makes it something where people are willing to spend a little bit more on Mother’s Day,” says Stadheim.

Stadheim Jewelers in Mason City says customers will spend an average of $150-$200 for Mother’s Day jewelry.

Nationwide, jewelry will account for $3.6 billion for the holiday.

“We’ve seen a lot of jewelry purchases this year in comparison to other years. We’re running pretty much about the same, but since this is such a busy day for us we really won’t have it all added up until after today.”

Even though consumers might not spend quite as much on mom as they may have last year, they’re still making sure she feels appreciated on her day.

“I call my mom and send her stuff on Mother’s Day, so I don’t know, it’s just, mom is very important,” adds Anthony.

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