Dayton signs Economic Security Act

Minnesota State Capitol

KIMT News 3 – Gov. Mark Dayton was at the capitol Sunday morning for a special signing of a bill benefiting working women.

It’s called the Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA) and it is a piece of legislation that will help close the gender gap in the workplace.

Minnesota lawmakers have been working on this throughout the 2014 session and they’re hoping that it leads to equal pay and fair treatment for women of all ages.

Sen. Carla Nelson, (R) Rochester, was the author to a number of bills that were included in the all-encompassing act.

She says that this act will help in a number of different ways throughout the state and that she is proud to have been apart of such an important piece of legislature.

“I am just such a big supporter of opportunities for women,” Nelson says, “all opportunities for women, especially economic opportunities, so I was glad to support.”

Many support groups in favor of the new legislation, as well as lawmakers involved in creating the act, were present at the signing on Sunday.

Nelson says she’s thrilled to have this bill go into effect, and she says she’s even more happy to have such a wonderful and supportive piece of legislation signed on a day that honors working mothers statewide.

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