Dense Fog Lingers


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Anyone sick of the fog yet? It seems like we are trapped in an episode of The Walking Dead or Stephen King’s The Mist. Unfortunately the fog continues through tonight and into tomorrow morning. A Dense Fog Advisory encompasses the entire area yet again through tomorrow at noon. The reason why is because we still have a lot of low level moisture and the layer of air near the surface is saturated. However, we have a cutoff low pressure system that is pushing to our northeast that will initiate a shift in winds tonight and tomorrow. Remember, winds flow counter clockwise into the low so winds will be shifting from the southwest (moist air) to the northwest (drier air) over the next 12 hours. This will hopefully try to reduce the fog a bit going into Sunday night but we will have to monitor conditions closely.

This low also will keep cloud cover around for the rest of the weekend with partly sunny skies for Monday. Temperatures continue to drop from here on out with highs in the middle 30’s Sunday through Wednesday and into the 20’s for the end of the week. We will have another potentially significant winter storm push in Tuesday PM that will start as a rain/snow mix and transition into snow for Wednesday and Thursday. Totals have yet to be determined since changes in the track are possible with models disagreeing so stay tuned.

Tonight: Dense Fog/Patchy Drizzle.
Lows: Low 30’s.
Winds: Southwest Shifting to the Northwest at 4 to 8 mph.

Sunday: Areas of Fog/Cloudy.
Highs: Mid/Upper 30’s.
Winds: Northwest at 6 to 12 mph.

Sunday Night: Mostly Cloudy.
Lows: Near 30.
Winds: Northwest at 6 to 12 mph.

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