Warm Air Returns!

It’s been a few weeks since our last shot of warm air, but that is returning for this week in full force!  Temperatures today will make a run to the low middle 60s.  It will be a bit breezy, but improvement from yesterday and also giving way to more sunshine than yesterday.  We’ll stay in the 60s despite a degree or two drop for Tuesday with mostly sunny skies.  Wednesday looks to be the warmest day as many of us return to the lower 70s.  With the warmer air and return of higher dew points, it looks like thunderstorms will develop through the late afternoon, evening, and overnight.  Unfortunately, we have to cool things down from there.
Thursday will bring decreasing clouds but overall staying mild as highs remain in the lower 60s, still ten or more degrees above average.  But by Friday we’ll see highs drop below average, into the 40s with more sunshine returning.  That little shot of cool air doesn’t last too long as we’ll be back in the mid 50s to near 60 to ring in next weekend.

Today: Partly Cloudy, Breezy
Highs: Low to Mid 60s
Winds: Southwest 15-25 mph

Tonight: Mostly Clear
Lows: Upper 30s
Winds: Northwest 15 calming to 10 mph

Tuesday: Mostly Sunny
Highs: Low 60s
Winds: Northwest 6-12 mph