Push for Agent Orange cure


KIMT NEWS 3 – It’s a toxic substance that has been linked to several illnesses, now Vietnam veterans are calling for a cure.

For years, Vietnam veterans have held the herbicide, Agent Orange responsible for several illnesses including rare forms of cancer.

Several veterans around the country are now organizing to garner support for a senate bill that would pay for research into the toxic chemical’s effects long-term.

“There are health issues that a lot of us still deal with to stay and it’s a constant reminder that you may have or do get into some bad things are bad atmospheres over there,” said Bob Pals, Vietnam veteran.
During the war, more than two million gallons of the herbicide were sprayed across six million acres of the country. Like pals says, for many veterans, the effects of agent orange can take years to develop within the body.

“It’s a constant reminder that you may have or did get into some bad things and bad atmospheres over there. Somehow it affects your body and sometimes you might not know for 10 to 20 years,” said Pals.

More than 50 serious diseases have been connected to Agent Orange according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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