Tensions run high at a Mason City School Board meeting


MASON CITY, Ia – We have been keeping you up-to-date with how the Mason City District School Board plans on bridging their budget gap.

So far this year, the discussion has centered around cutting teaching positions. This is causing a lot of tension among students and parents, many of whom are voicing their concerns that the administration’s salaries should be considered for cuts, too.

Earlier this week, a special meeting was held to discuss just that along with the Athletic Director’s position. That meeting got pretty heated.

While the meeting was open to anyone, there was no public forum so community advocate Janna Arndt did the talking.

She looked deeper into what schools of similar size pay their administrators and found differences that she and other community members say they’re concerned about.

Other board members disagreed saying Mason City staff has additional responsibilities and puts in more hours.

“I did my homework, I didn’t come here under educated and I did what I told the community I would do, as a board member,” says Arndt.

She also did her research when it comes to the athletic director’s position.

She says because of the amount of mandatory state reporting that’s required among other responsibilities, it would be difficult for other staff to absorb those responsibilities now done by Bob Kenny.

One thing that the board does agree on is hosting another public forum to get more input.

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