Recognizing area scholastic all-stars

Students honored for academic excellence

MASON CITY, Iowa – It was one big celebration of education on Tuesday as KIMT took time to recognize and honor high school seniors and teachers in our area for all of their accomplishments.

The Scholastic All-Stars and Golden Apple award luncheon was a big success as 42 schools were represented by students and faculty that go above and beyond in their classrooms every day.

Austin Poock, a senior from Hampton Dumont High School, was one of the many high school seniors being honored.

Poock says that he feels his hard work has paid off and that this event has given him the chance to meet other high schoolers who have worked just as hard as he has.

“It’s nice to know that there are other kids out there who are trying as hard as I am,” Poock says.

Forest City High School senior, Amanda Polk was another student being recognized today.

As she prepares for graduation, she says she’s been reflecting on her educational path and tells us that she couldn’t be more excited to dive into what’s ahead.

“Just to be able to go out there and know that I have a good education behind me and that my hard work has paid off…college will just be able to take me to that next step in my education and my life learning,” Polk says.

Their success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of their teachers, which is why we took the opportunity to recognize and honor them as well.

Each Tuesday we’ve honored educators from across north Iowa and southern Minnesota with the Golden Apple Award.

This year’s overall Golden Apple award winner was Sharon Schaub, a kindergarten teacher from Northwood Kensett Elementary School.

“There are so many talented teachers in our community, and in our state, and all over the world,” she says, “so to even be nominated for this award, is an honor, and to be awarded this award, I was totally shocked.”

This recognition couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as Schaub has announced that after 43 years of teaching, she is happily retiring.

Change is inevitable, so even though it might be nerve racking for those heading away from home for the first time, they’re looking forward to a brand new adventure it will bring.

“I’m a little bit nervous,” says Poock, “but I’m also pretty excited to try new things, meeting new people.”

The event wouldn’t have been possible without our Scholastic All-Star sponsors, Midwest Construction and Warner Stallion as well as our Golden Apple sponsors, NIACC and Window World.

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