Rescue effort

Accident in Hancock County

HANCOCK COUNTY, Iowa – Keeping your focus while on the road is important for so many reasons.

52-year-old Timothy Gross from Forest City was found in his car upside down in a drainage ditch early Tuesday evening.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, Gross was headed west on county road B-16 and approaching oak avenue when he swerved to avoid another car and rolled into the ditch.

Thankfully several people, including Cody Reimann from Thompson, Iowa saw the car and jumped on the opportunity to help.

“Not a whole lot besides getting in the water and getting the window broke and trying to get him out in time,” said Cody.

For Cody and his friend Justin Tuesday was no ordinary day.

As they were driving in Hancock County, they were flagged down by three women pulled over on the road.

They needed help after finding a car filling with water upside down in this drainage ditch.

“He gave me his knife and tried to break it with the end of his knife and we couldn’t. He ran to the truck and found an axe in the back of my toolbox and broke it out with that and we got into that side and go the door pried open then we cut his seatbelt and got him drug out of there but..,” said Reimann.

The man was pulled out of the vehicle with the help of the young men and a deputy from Hancock County.

The Forest City Paramedics then preformed CPR on him until Mercy Air Med arrived.

Hancock County Sheriff Scott Dodd says he wasn’t sure what to expect as he pulled up to the scene.

“I knew the vehicle was upside down that was the only information I didn’t know if the driver or the people were out of the vehicle or not until I arrived,” said Dodd.

Sheriff Dodd says it is so important that these watchful good samaritans stopped.

“We do we like all the help we can get because if they’re going to get here quicker than us sometimes, so absolutely,” said Dodd.

As for Cody, all he can do is wait.

“Worried, really worried,” said Cody.

As of right now Gross is listed in critical condition at Mercy Medical Center- North Iowa.


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