SPAM Museum is on the move

Hormel Announcement

AUSTIN, Minn. – History is on the move in Spamtown, even if it is only just down the road. The SPAM Museum is on the move.

There has been an empty lot in downtown Austin for years because of a fire. Tuesday Hormel leaders announced that it will be the new home to the museum.

It will be a bit smaller than the current one, but they hope to take some aspects from this one and add new things to the new one.

“We liked the fact that, first of all, was on the part of Main Street where most of downtown has its vibrancy and a lot of the businesses are located. We also particularly like that fact that it opens up to the plaza. If you look at the current SPAM Museum, one of the kind of hallmark elements is that corner,” said Hormel President and CEO Jeffrey Ettinger.

Hormel Announcement
The SPAM mascot and Skippy Peanut Butter mascot made an appearance.

He said they are happy to be joining the already exciting things going on downtown.

“The Paramount renovation, I’ve been here long enough to remember the library being new and so forth, I was excited to hear about the art building down the street, so when you couple that with some of the commercial businesses that have already been thriving here, maybe some new ones to come, I think it’ll be very strong for the downtown and the community,” Ettinger said.

They do not have an official design for the new museum yet, but that process is set to begin in July. They hope to open it to the public in spring of 2016.

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