Town gives loans to build homes


MASON CITY, Ia – Building homes takes some serious cash, and one local town says the more homes the merrier, so they are lending some money to encourage this.

There’s two types of loans the city of Garner approved last night.

First is a homeward loan where the city acts as the middle man between the builders and the company putting up the money. A family is receiving this loan of $120,000 dollars.

But, they could only grant this to one family and they had four requests.

So for one more family, they are taking city dollars to encourage the town’s economic growth.

Mayor Ken Mick says the abundance of requests is a good sign.

“The last couple years have been less than exciting in new construction, but this spring we have been overwhelmed by what’s taking place and the number of requests we’ve have for new building construction and so, whenever that happens and along with that comes requests such as this and so, we’re pleased to be able to offer that,” says Mick.

He also says if more families are interested in doing something like this to talk with him or your city officials.

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